Development Advisory

Development process insight

Residential housing development is a wide-ranging and multi-faceted process and you need an experienced adviser in your corner, providing the knowledge and insight you need. 

At Sherry FitzGerald, we have assembled a team of development experts who can work with you from the initial design and planning stages right through to the sale of units through our nationwide network. We can also provide expertise in key areas like Part V planning applications. 

Policy consultancy

From an early stage, we can provide valuable insight and advice. On the commercial side, we can work with you in identifying competitors and defining your target audience and marketing strategy. In planning terms, we’ll work with your design team examining issues like car parking ratios, size of individual houses, and more. And when the time comes to develop sales strategies, our countrywide network is better equipped than anyone else to help you maximise your investment. 

Research and analytics

Everything we do at Sherry FitzGerald is evidence-based. We ensure your decisions are made on solid data and insight and not basic forecasts or hunches. OUR CUSTOMER INSIGHTS TEAM collate the data from continuous surveys and profiling of buyers to inform your decision-making in terms of consumer trends and, combined with other secondary data sources, we ensure every decision you make at each stage of the development process is grounded in reliable data and backed up by solid rationale.

Part V planning

With a solid understanding of all government legislation, we know the challenges you face when it comes to working with the Part V planning directive. We can advise you of your responsibilities in this regard and will work closely with you from valuation and negotiation right up to arbitration and settlement if required.

For more information please contact:

Managing Director of Residential & Advisory

Marian Finnegan

Sherry FitzGerald Head Office

Managing Director - New Homes

Ivan Gaine

Sherry FitzGerald Dublin New Homes
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Our complete knowledge of the Irish commercial property market combined with our hands-on approach can provide you with the management service and expertise you need to get the best return on your assets.

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