The benefits of living in an A-Rated new home

The benefits of living in an A-Rated new home

By Rachael O'Leary


Living in an A-Rated energy efficient home has many benefits. Not only will you experience a warmer, cosier home but you will also reap the benefits of reduced energy bills and more.

If you are unsure if a more sustainable and healthy home is for you, here are some of the benefits of living in an A-Rated home from recent Irish buyers of newly built homes in Cork by our New Homes Associate Director, Rachael O’Leary.

Rachael spoke with several buyers on the benefits of living in an A-Rated home, in a new housing development and here are her findings:


  1. Lower bills, of course!

The number one benefit for most is the reduction in bills. The A2 rated home runs off electricity only, using an Air-to-Water Heat Pump system with Mechanical Air Filtration. Reducing our dependence on gas and oil is very relevant right now and for the foreseeable future, but the immediate benefits found is the reduction in utility bills.



  1. Green Energy Mortgage Rates

Most of the pillar banks in Ireland will offer an incentivised lower mortgage rate when lending on A1 to B3 energy rated homes. The savings across a fixed term rate can be significant. If you are unsure where to start, chat to one of  our helpful mortgage brokers today for more information.


  1. Resale Value

Future-proofing your home. Reducing the dependence on gas and oil is relevant right now, bearing in mind the future resale of your home, a lower energy rated home is an attractive benefit to buyers of second hand properties.


  1. Better Air Quality

Better Ventilation. The air-tightness of the homes along with the mechanical air ventilation helps to enhance the air quality, as well as reducing the number of pollutants that impact the environment. This can have a particularly positive effect if you have certain conditions, such as allergies or asthma.


  1. Sustainable Communities

The benefit of living in an A-Rated green home, means you are reducing your carbon footprint and protecting the environment. Most new homes limit your use of non-renewable energy, reduce air and water pollution, reduce the use of limited natural resources and generates less waste.

There are plenty of other benefits of sustainable community living in a new development. Many development master plans now provide amenities conducive to a sustainable lifestyle including cycle tracks and proximity to public transport, reducing the need to use a car daily.


  1. Smart Homes

Like Smart TVs and Smart phones, new build homes are becoming smarter and smarter! Smart Home systems are being included in more and more homes specifications. These systems connect your security system, energy usage, heating, hot water and car charging port directly to your broadband so you have all the controls in the palm of your hand. With water and electricity usage monitoring, you can calculate your consumption and take advantage of off-peak rates.

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