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  1. Inspiration for Buyers

    Colouring Competition!

    Do you have any budding young artists in the family? This could be their time to shine! Enter today for a chance to win a voucher for your local toyshop.

  2. Inspiration for Buyers

    Pastel Palette

    Now that we are all enjoying an extra hour of daylight it’s time to turn our attention to fresh seasonal interior colour schemes.

  3. Inspiration for Buyers

    Walk-In Wardrobes

    Well it certainly clinched the deal for fictional character Carrie Bradshaw when she was searching the market for an apartment!

  4. Inspiration for Buyers

    Holiday Homes

    A home away from home, what could be nicer? Somewhere to escape to at the weekend and over the summer holidays sounds like the perfect plan, but there are practicalities to be aware of before we let our heart rule our head.

  5. Inspiration for Buyers

    Making the most out of small spaces

    We all love a challenge and so when faced with making the most of our living space we need to embrace a little imagination and flair when it comes to enhancing a room that may be a tad on the small size.

  6. Inspiration for Buyers

    Lets get Beachside

    As the temperatures continue to soar – don’t get us wrong. we’re not complaining!

  7. Inspiration for Buyers

    Garden Space

    As the sun makes a welcome appearance it signals the time to change our focus from our indoor space to our outdoor space.

  8. Inspiration for Buyers

    Lots to Love about Terenure

    We’re delighted to welcome you to our newly refurbished office at the crossroads of Terenure village.

  9. Inspiration for Buyers

    High Tech Homes

    Introducing a touch of James Bond into your home can’t be a bad thing, after all a little cutting-edge technology can go a long way towards making your life easier and perhaps safer.

  10. Inspiration for Buyers

    Sustainable Living

    It’s not just the money we stand to save by opting for sustainable living, it’s also the impact on the environment that motivates people to make their homes eco-friendly.

  11. Inspiration for Buyers

    Home Storage Systems

    They say an uncluttered mind leads to peace and relaxation and the same should be said of our homes – who wants to walk in on a bombsite when they get home?

  12. Inspiration for Buyers

    Thinking of Renting Your Property?

    That’s where we come in, at Sherry FitzGerald Lettings we have been helping clients just like you, interested in renting out a property, get on the right track from the start of the rental process.

  13. Inspiration for Buyers

    Garden Rooms

    There comes a time when our existing living space no longer feels big enough or private enough for purpose, that’s when the option of a garden room can become a feasible alternative to moving.

  14. Inspiration for Buyers

    Cosy Homes

    It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! The seasonal adverts on our TV screens are in full swing and there’s piped music wherever you travel to remind you of the event that’s fast approaching – love it or loathe it the countdown has begun!

  15. Inspiration for Buyers

    Entertainment Spaces

    A great entertainment space is a good selling point in any home, while we may not be year-round party animals, there will always come a time when a special occasion calls for us to get out the good glasses and embrace the event at hand.