Visualising the Housing Delivery System

Access to affordable housing is a societal challenge facing Ireland today. Regardless of the specific figures or perspective, everyone can agree that more affordable housing is needed for this and future generations. Despite a shared ambition that everyone should have access to high quality affordable housing, discussions on how to achieve this ambition can be polarising.

At Sherry FitzGerald we believe that addressing the need for affordable housing is a complex systemic challenge that can only be solved when everyone is engaged and has a part to play.

To facilitate engagement with solving the housing challenge we set out to create a simple visualisation of the housing delivery system that would help all interested parties frame their particular perspective, insights, suggestions or solutions within the whole of the challenge. Working with industry experts and communications designers we developed a simple, objective visualisation of how housing is delivered, distributed and reused.

The resulting visualisation offers a framework onto which we can map the various ways in which housing delivery might be improved and made more affordable by reducing complexity, uncertainty, and time. The role of financing, investment and mobility are recognised in the visualisation, as too are the fundamental questions for all of society as we consider different decisions along the way.

We hope that this simple visualisation can provide a point of reference for people of all perspectives and persuasions as they come together to solve what is one of the key challenges of our time and build a better Ireland.

Influences and Opportunities

The timely delivery of quality housing that is affordable, appropriate and in the right location, is a systemic challenge that involves all of us. This visualisation outlines the broad stages in the delivery of housing for the private, rented and social use. This visual also recognises some of the many forces that inf­luence the process.